Celery is changing the face of digital currency


Trust through Transparency.

Digital Currency was built on the philosophy of shared information. It works because transactions are publicly displayed. And yet, most digital currency exchanges and wallets offer little information about themselves to their users.

We’re changing that.

We are proud to introduce our Transparency page. The Transparency page will give you insights into our business.

With this page, you can see:

  • Our funds distribution between hot and cold wallet storage
  • Hosted funds in USD
  • Hosted funds in digital currency
  • Average transaction times and more. 

We believe that if you can trust us with your business, we should trust you with the details of what we do.

Click here to see our Transparency page, and stay up to date with our growth.

Celery wallet now supports Litecoin!


You can now buy, send, deposit and store Litecoin with Celery. We’ve added litecoin after listening to many requests from the litecoin community for a secure, easy-to-use and low-fee wallet service for litecoin.

We launched Celery with bitcoin and dogecoin because of our belief in the advantages of the underlying technology of digital currency - but not necessarily any single currency. Litecoin has seen great volume and support since it’s creation by Charlie Lee. By adding litecoin, Celery is the only trusted U.S. wallet service to offer the top three digital currencies.

Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, shares our enthusiasm for adding litecoin to Celery:

I’ve been beta testing buying Litecoin on Celery for a while now. It’s the 
easiest way to buy Litecoin. I’m excited that everyone can now easily buy 
Litecoin with Celery.

- Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin

Want to buy Litecoin? Sign Up for Celery today!

Thank you to everyone who reached out to us to request litecoin support. We believe in listening and responding to our users’ requests! Contact us anytime.


The Celery Team

Multi-Factor Authentication added for Celery

We’ve listened to our users’ requests for Multi-Factor Authentication and have added this security feature using the Google Authenticator app. Security is of the utmost importance to us. We will continue to build further features to ensure the best possible security for all our users. 

To enable MFA on your Celery account, navigate to your Account page, then Security. Follow the quick steps for enabling MFA using Google Authenticator.

Awesome things you can buy with bitcoin: Labor Day Edition

1 Month Down: What We’ve Learned Since Launch Day

This monday marked one month since we publicly launched Celery, our latest product. We’ve learned so much since launch day, and we’re growing and changing to be the best we can be. 

Since launch day, we’ve had a great response and signup rate for new users. We’ve reached a lot of you through Google ads, Reddit activity, and our CoinDesk article. We were also recently interviewed by former traders Tom Snosnoff & Tony Battista on their show, Bootstrapping in America

We’ve gotten a lot of love from the r/dogecoin community, which we’re super thankful for. All the feedback we’ve received has been enormously educational. We are working to implement several new features in the coming weeks and months in response to your requests. We love your feedback, and we’re committed to providing the best customer service we can. We want to know what we’re doing right, and where we need to improve. Keep it coming! 

Our team is continuously trying to build the best digital currency products for you. We’re proud to have created a product that the digital currency community continues to embrace and promote. Thank you for helping us grow. 

- The Celery Team 

Ilya and Divya go to Chicago

Last Wednesday, our co-founders Ilya and Divya went to Chicago to be on Bootstrapping in America.

Here’s the interview:

During the interview, Ilya and Divya told the story of how BTX trader grew as a company, and explained how each of our products (BTX Trader and Celery) work. Tom and Tony, the hosts of the show, expressed the sentiment that drove us to build Celery: they’re interested in digital currency but don’t know how to buy it. Tom also shared his belief in the huge potential of digital currency, particularly concerning easy international money transfer - something he knows first hand is a far too complicated process. Ilya and Divya had a great time on Bootstrapping in America, and we even gained some valuable customers - Tom & Tony.

It being Ilya and Divya’s first time in Chicago, the pair managed to fit some tourist-y adventures in after the show. They visited the Chicago Board of Trade, the Cloud Gate, and made sure to sample Chicago style hot dogs and deep-dish pizza.

trading floor

logo ilyalogo


hot dogpizza


Last Week Today: An Industry Roundup 8/25

Ilya tried his hand at flying a drone. It only ended up in the garbage twice… http://ift.tt/1quuunV


Tom and Tony talk with Ilya Subkankulov & Divya Thakur of Celery. Ilya Subkankulov & Divya Thakur are the Co-founders of BTX T…

Earlier today, we were on Bootstrapping in America. Check out our interview! 

What we’re reading: Difference, by Bernadette Jiwa

At BTX, we love to share knowledge (and fun!) as a team, and often recommend books to each other. Our UX designer, Timothy Dollard, tells us a little bit about what he’s currently reading. 

What book are you reading right now?

Difference, by Bernadette Jiwadifference

Why did you decide to read this book?

Divya, our Chief Technical Officer, went on a book-buying spree and ordered at least 15 books on various startup-relevant topics. Things like product design, marketing, PR, branding, and other random stuff specific to a startup company like ours. I picked Difference, by Bernadette Jiwa, because I’m always interested in great products and companies that really improve peoples lives. I was curious to learn about Bernadette Jiwa’s insights.

What was most enjoyable about this book?

It has very sensible statements about how companies should design products, communicate their values, deliver features and interact with customers. It almost makes the whole process sound easy. The ‘Difference Map’ that the author fills out for other successful start-ups is very interesting, and helped us create our own plan.


What was least enjoyable about it?

I wouldn’t say there was anything not enjoyable about this book. It just left me wanting to read more. The book itself is very short, and by the end it can feel a bit vague. The overall themes are useful to keep in mind, but more data and case studies would have been nice.

What do you feel that you gained something from it?

I definitely gained overarching principles/guidelines for approaching product design and communication. Bernadette Jiwa really stressed the people side of a business/product. Her goal is to build a business around products that change how people behave, how they feel or improve how they live. I completely agree with this outlook. I’m overwhelmed by the number of brands, products and amount of marketing out there. It’s always great (but rare) to discover a company that offers a product that you truly value because it’s useful, enjoyable and good for you. It always makes you think, why wasn’t this around sooner!

Would you recommend it to a friend?

I would for anyone interested in products, brands or marketing. It’s a quick read.

What was your favorite quote?

“They [difference thinkers] innovate and create at the edges, ignoring the Market of Everyone.”

This definitely reminds me of digital currency as a whole. It began with—and is still largely used by—people who are technology savvy and ahead of the curve. More and more people are beginning to see the great possibilities digital currency holds.

“They watch what people do and don’t just believe whatever people tell them.”

This describes user testing in a nutshell. Real feedback from real people has been crucial for us while building Celery. Bernadette Jiwa may not have been specifically referencing user-testing, but I believe it’s an applicable practice and fits in with the themes of the book.

What do you want to read next?

Next I’m reading Get Your Priorities Straight by Nick Scarpino. It’s about marketing and communications.